Berneesha S.


I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, March 5, 2017. I didn’t get induced until Monday, March 6, 2017 at 9:00 A.M. When I finally reached 4cm dilated, active labor began on Tuesday, March 7th, and the contractions were becoming more intense. The RN’s and midwives asked if I would like a doula, and I said sure. Within the next hour my doula introduced herself to me as Rebecca and took action immediately. Instantly she was a major help. First we began by walking around the hospital,which brought him down further. She then introduced me to the exercise ball, coaching me how to breathe through each contraction and also showing my fiancé techniques that helped him aid me. After a few different positions the contractions began to get stronger, and finally I reached 6cm. I then asked for an epidural and the pain subsided for the night so I was able to rest. The next morning I had assumed Rebecca left but to my surprise she stayed the night at the hospital and I felt instantly relived when I saw her. Since I had the epidural, I couldn’t do much, but she still managed to help me through the transitions of my widening pelvis by switching my positions and using the peanut ball. A couple of hours later I was 10cm dilated and finally ready to push. Rebecca stood right by my side the entire time, holding my leg and giving me useful words of encouragement. When my son finally came out, I was in a state of shock, looking around the room while EVERYONE else was crying tears of joy, even my doula. It was such a wonderful feeling seeing how my son and I had touched the hearts of these women who only knew us for a short period of time. I was also surprised at how much me and Rebecca bonded as well. I took everything she had said to me into consideration, and I can honestly say her being there made my labor go a lot smoother. I highly recommended anyone who’s having a baby to request a doula, especially if they’ll be as awesome as mine. I will never forget her, and will always be thankful for her being there in my time of need.

-Bernesha S.

March 15, 2017

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